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Egypt Air to be elected member of the Board of Governors at the IATA meeting in Seoul
June 3, 2019 – sada elbalad Egypt Air participated in the 75 th IATA General Assembly, which concludes its activities today in Seoul, South Korea. General Assembly No. 75 of IATA decided to elect pilot Ahmad Adel, chairman of the EgyptAir Holding Company, as a member of the Board of Governors for a period of three years, ending in 2022. Pilot Ahmed Adel also took part in the 209th Board of Governors Meeting held prior to the opening of the General Assembly. Pilot Ahmed Adel said that the meeting dealt with the latest developments in the air transport industry and the movement of passengers and goods and the adoption of some important resolutions of the General Assembly No. 75 such as a decision on the tracking of RFID bags Radio frequency Identification He urged all member airlines to activate this initiative in order to solve all problems related to the loss, damage or delay of travel bags at airports, as well as a decision on the biometric procedures One ID, which facilitates the process of check-in and the collection of all passenger data from the airport of departure to the country of arrival through transit. Adel added that the meeting also ratified a decision on the ICAO global system for reducing emissions and confirm the membership airlines to comply with the application of the corsia system and submit the plans for monitoring and verification of emissions within the time limit set by the aviation authorities and urged governments not to take unilateral decisions that contradict the principles of applying the corsia system to avoid Any additional financial burden on airlines. In addition to a resolution on passengers with special needs and to confirm the provision of all assistance at airports to facilitate their travel procedures without difficulty or face any difficulties, along with a decision on time slots, and the need to adhere to one set of global standards and guidelines for the use of time zones in airports and ensure the fair application of these rules .