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·        Sphinx International Airport, west of Cairo

  • The first experimental operational flight was launched on 15/10/2018 and awaiting official operation soon

The airport is Located 45 km west of Cairo on Egypt-Alexandria Desert road, where the airport’s gate is located on the route to "West Cairo Military Airport".

The airport was established in cooperation between the armed forces and private sector companies to serve 3 million passengers annually in the new cities, especially 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed, beside 6 other governorates including Fayoum, Beni Suef, El Menia and North Upper Egypt in general.

The construction of the airport aims to ease pressure on Cairo International Airport as well as receiving tourist charter flights.

§  Airport gates: (12) gates for car fees (6 for entrance and 6 for exit)

§  The project consists of a main terminal building and control tower and 42 service buildings with a total area of ​​25,500 square meters. Four buildings were constructed as power substations, a meteorological building, a mosque and a parking area with a capacity of 400 cars and 20 buses on a 50 thousand square meters.

§  The main terminal building consists of an arrival hall, a departure hall, a VIP lounge, procedures hall, passport administration offices, a customs and security zone, built on an area of ​​4,500 square meters and accommodates 300 passengers per hour.

§  The largest aircraft model is code (D) A320

§  The airport is designed to be capable of receiving large 4E aircrafts.

§  A Tarmac was constructed with a 126,800 square meters. It can accommodate 9 D-code and E-code aircrafts. A civil-military linked route of 1,260 kilo meters long and 24 meters wide has been established. It will be used in emergency situations. Another route is established of 400 meters dedicated to the passage of fire trucks and ambulances in emergency cases only.

§  Two main exit and landing runways were constructed, along with auxiliary runways and a 4,000-meter-long fence.

§  The airport has been equipped with the latest thermal surveillance cameras in the world; X-Ray detection devices, fire alarm system, access control system, and luggage detection devices, and a 44-meters-long control tower.

§  The communication and information technology systems available at the airport: 7 x-RAY bags, 7 metal gates for passenger inspection, 88 security cameras inside the lounges, 16 data display screens (FIDS), 16 TV screen, internal radio, central clock, Internet service (WIFI).

The airport comes within the framework of planning to establish a group of new international airports covering Egypt, which will have a great impact to facilitate the movement of incoming tourism to Egypt as well as saving long time for citizens and tourists in travel and access to all provinces.

·        Capital International Airport in Kattamya



It is designed and built to serve the new administrative capital and to support the tourism movement, in accordance with the highest international standards, relying solely on Egyptian expertise, national companies and under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.

§  The airport is divided into two parts: the aviation field and the administrative area. The construction consists of 45 administrative buildings. The air field contains a main runway of 3650 meters-long and 60 meters-wide. Another runway accommodates eight aircrafts. There is a link between the civil aircraft field and the emergency military aircraft field, as well as three other links between the aircraft field and the runway.

§  The airport is designed and ready to receive a 4E mark allowing it to receive large aircrafts, and can be expanded to get the 4F mark like Cairo International Airport.

§  The main terminal building consists of an arrival hall, a departure hall, VIP lounge, passport administration offices, customs area, port security, service offices for citizens.

§  The main building was built on 5 thousand square meters, which can accommodate 300 passengers per hour.

§  The airport has been equipped with the latest thermal surveillance cameras in the world; X-Ray detection devices, fire alarm system, access control system, and luggage detection devices.

§  A 50-meters-long control tower was constructed, equipped with the latest surveillance systems, radars and a water tank to serve firefighting operations. A parking area with a capacity of 500 cars and 20 buses was established.


The Capital International Airport is connected to Cairo-Suez road via a free crossing bridge to secure entry and exit of the airport.

Two companies have participated in the construction works of the Capital International Airport, namely “Hassan Allam for contracting”, which specialized in administrative construction, and the “Arab Contractors Company”, which established the air field and internal roads.

The Capital International Airport is so named because it will be in the heart of the new administrative capital, to serve inhabitants of new cities and Canal cities, to support the tourism movement and to reduce congestion for Cairo International Airport.